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DJ Johnson
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Owensboro, KY 42302
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For too many years it has been politics as usual in the Kentucky House of Representatives.  If we are going to improve Kentucky, we need new, commonsense representation.  That is why DJ Johnson is running for the office of State Representative, District 13.  DJ, a former army officer, and an ordained Southern Baptist Deacon, is not a politician.  Since high school, DJ has wanted to serve his community in whatever way possible.  He looks forward to applying his leadership skills and business experiences to the challenging issues Kentucky faces today. 

A Growing Economy

 As a fiscal conservative, DJ Johnson understands that a thriving state depends on a thriving economy.  A thriving economy needs government policies that encourage new businesses to locate in Kentucky and support business growth.  DJ will…

-Work to free our coal industry from crippling government interference.
-Introduce and support legislation that will bring new industries to Kentucky.
-Eliminate wasteful bureaucracy that stands in the way of economic growth.

Quality Education

A quality educational system is the key to success for future generations.  We must help our children, teenagers, and young adults find what career choices they are passionate about, and then help them be the very best they can be in those careers.  This cannot be accomplished by simply offering cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all educational opportunities.  We must be flexible in offering a range of opportunities, including the arts, STEM training, and skilled trades. 
This will be accomplished by…

-Ensuring that we train and retain the most qualified and capable educators.
-Enabling those educators to teach the critical skills at the K-12 levels.
-Maintaining a vocational and technical training system that is second to none.
-Ensuring that our post-secondary institutions are maximizing the effectiveness of every dollar they receive.

A Responsible Budget

As in our own households, our state government must operate within its financial means.  This has not happened in Kentucky for many years.  Our government must begin the incremental process of getting our financial house in order.  We will do this by…

-Developing and sticking to a plan to properly fund our state employees' pension plans so that we honor our commitments to our current state workers.

-Conducting a thorough and realistic evaluation of every program and agency in the state government to ensure that every dollar is budgeted and accounted for.

 -Ensuring that every dollar allocated is accounted for and goes to practical, commonsense programs that are legitimately within the scope of responsibility of the state government.


 DJ Johnson is a pro-life conservative and will fight to protect the lives of the born and unborn in Kentucky.  He believes that proper education can and will result in the citizens of Kentucky recognizing the sanctity and rights of every human being, born or yet-to-be born.

Protection of Our Freedoms

 The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights were crafted to restrict government intrusion in our lives, not encourage it.  As a constitutional conservative, DJ Johnson will fight to protect our government from impinging on our rights, particularly our right to worship our Lord without government interference, and our right to bear arms without government restrictions.